Chloe, 28 ans

"I know London inside out!"

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Hello, I'm Chloe!

London, UK ° since 5 years

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Why do you like London?

Beautiful - Thrilling - Moving - Busy - Quiet - Green.

Your favorite spots in London?

Science Museum, Southbank walk (most effective sight seeing walk), Churchill Arms, Wahaca.

Why do you want to become a Peetayer?

To receive the help and tips I wish I could have had when I first moved to London. Although the thrill of discovering the city by myself is nice, there are a lot I wish I knew before hand.

What are your interests?

I love going to the gym as well as going for a swim or even for a run in the nearest park.Good thing about London? You can fill your nights with live concert in either bars or uncommon venues or go for a play in one of London's famous theatres (best one for me is undeniably The Lion King) My fav museum is the science museum. Loads of cool experience to experience. And it's FREE

What about Chloe?

Chloe. 28. French. Although I've always thought of myself as an American, I am constantly reminded I am not. Indeed, I love bread, cheese, wine and fine food.I am also a huge fan of cinema and am one of those person who can watch up to 12 movies in 3 days at those film festivals.

Which countries have you visited?

USA (Texas, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts), Burkina Faso, Europe (not all but almost), Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore

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