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"We are music addicts"

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Hello, We're Daph & Clem!

Lille, France ° since 10 years

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Why do you like Lille?

We love Lille for its student life, its human size, its proximity to several cities in Europe (Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam ...) and its architectural style.

Your favorite spots in Lille?

the "Kolor" bar, "Mon ptit thai" restaurant, "Beaux arts" museum.

Why do you want to become a Peetayer?

Discover our great city, and practice my English & Spanish.

What are your interests?

Running, swimming, kravmaga, music, philosophy, cinema, travel, web.

What about Daph & Clem?

Clement and Daphne have been in Lille for a long time, so they know Lille like the back of their hands. Both pharmacists, they will be delighted to make you discover Lille. And most of all, and that's what we love about them: they love making jokes.

Which countries have you visited?

Europe, Africa, North America (USA, Canada), South America (Mexico, Cuba, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador), Asia (Japan, Vietnam).

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