Ewelina, 39 ans

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Hello, I'm Ewelina!

Lille, France ° for 6 years

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Why do you like Lille?

Its size: 1 M agglomeration is enough to enjoy the cultural offer and leisure (including family).

The mentality of people: halfway between Latin charm and Nordic pragmatism.

The good connection to other major agglomerations: Paris 1 hour by train, Brussels 30 minutes, London 1.5 hours and Amsterdam 2.5 hours.

The economic fabric: there is work and people have the sense of initiative.

Your favorite spots in Lille?

Old Lille to wander and have a drink / eat something, Great place to remember my hometown (Wroclaw - Poland), Citadel to walk and picnic, the channels of the Brand and Deûle to make bike, SPOTLIGHT - to laugh, the Sebastopol Theater and Opera - to have contact with culture, rue de Bethune for shopping, Marcq-en-Baroeul - to live there.

Why do you want to become a Peetayer?

Share with new arrivals the experience of life on Lille.

What are your interests?

Books, cooking, hiking.

What about Ewelina?

Ewelina is a Polish woman. She arrived in Lille in 2012 with her 2 children following the professional transfer of her husband, she quickly got used to this new life in this new country. This thanks to the community of other foreigners living in Lille, but especially thanks to the kindness of the people here.

Which countries have you visited?

Espagne en vacances, Angleterre en vacances et avec l'école, Belgique pour les vacances.

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